Special Services

Our Special Services Department caters to the needs of exceptional learners with 504s, Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), and Gifted Individualized Education Plans (GIEPs). Through the diligent efforts of our staff members, unique programs are offered to students in need of any of these accommodations.

For students in need of Special Educational services, our instructional staff of certified and highly qualified Special Education teachers provide accommodations and modifications on a case-by-case basis. Teachers monitor our exceptional learners’ progress in the Resource Room Virtual Office and check on them consistently throughout the day. The Resource Room Virtual Office is a place for students to review and practice lessons, work through assignments, and check in with their teachers to ensure comprehension.

Gifted students are offered enrichment through various means. This can include acceleration, dual enrollment in college level coursework, and alternative assignments. Our gifted program follows all Chapter 16 regulations, as set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Gifted course assignments are designed to be rigorous and academically challenging, to develop the natural proclivities and skills of students. This is accomplished by finding real world applications for the lessons speaking to state assessed standards. We have the flexibility to customize assignments to meet the learning styles and personal strengths of our students.

Finally, it is important to recognize that the Special Services Department constantly seeks to grow and provide the best services possible for our students. Below is an example of our Special Services Newsletter, which comes out each year to keep parents and students informed of needed information.

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