The Learning Coach

The first person from 21CCCS that a student will contact is his/her learning coach.  The learning coach is a teacher in our school, although not necessarily one who will teach a content area to your child.  The learning coach acts as a mentor, tracking all of your student’s classes and communicating on at least a bi-weekly basis helps to ensure that the student receives guidance and instruction where needed. The relationship between the learning coach and the student is very important and truly affects a student’s success here at 21CCCS.

The greatest benefits afforded in the relationship fostered between student and learning coach are consistency and collaboration. The learning coach will work with your student throughout the course of his/her study here at 21CCCS. Knowing a child over the years enhances student success because consistency of instructional, communication, and assistance styles are deliverable. Students have the opportunity to share the entirety of their learning experience with a familiar guide who provides feedback on a regular basis.

Because the learning coach is an academic advocate for each of his students, collaboration between content teachers is constant. Communication and teamwork have led to the development of a culture of cooperation between each teacher within our school. Students are no longer taught by one teacher, but by a team of teachers, each invested in seeing students succeed.

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