The 21CCCS yearbook club is made up of student volunteers who work together throughout the year with the yearbook advisor. The goal is to create a comprehensive yearbook, cataloging the year’s events and memories so all members of the school can look back on them for many years to come.

The students work together to organize, edit, and develop the school’s yearbook. Typically, participating students serve in specific roles in the club such as editor, art director, photographer, and organizer. The yearbook club meets on a regular basis throughout the year in a Virtual Office. By sharing screens and designing pages as a group, the club comes up with a variety of design ideas. These designs are put into the yearbook template and are reorganized and edited multiple times until a final product is chosen.

Every year is a little different, so this club provides a fresh and exciting way to show school spirit and participate in something special. We are always proud of our end result and look forward to trying out new designs and layouts each school year.