Literary Magazine

Every year, 21CCCS creates two literary magazines:  one is written by and produced for middle schoolers and the other magazine is written by and produced for high schoolers.  All students are invited to submit both art and literary pieces for publication.  A team of student volunteers, along with the advisor, helps to edit the submissions and compile items to be published in the magazine.  The format of the magazine depends on the students’ passions and interests at the time.  It’s not uncommon for the editing and aesthetic creation to be done via email, but, typically, the editors come in to the office to edit as a group.  Once the magazine is ready for production, we send it out to be bound and made into hard copy.  Every student at the school then receives a copy so they can enjoy their school’s creative output for years to come.

Below is an image of our high school literary magazine’s cover from the 2011-2012 school year. To see what’s inside, CLICK HERE!