Teacher Life

Who Are Our Teachers?

Our instructional staff consists of full-time Pennsylvania certified teachers who work from our office in Downingtown, PA. Our teachers are dedicated to their students and have helped them become successful with curriculum based on Pennsylvania standards. As evidence of our success, 21CCCS is the only statewide cyber charter school to achieve Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for seven out of eight years.  The school also has the highest score of any cyber charter school in Pennsylvania on the School Performance Profile (SPP).  21CCCS also had the highest SAT scores of any charter school in Pennsylvania with an average score in the top 10% of all Pennsylvania public school.



Each teacher works as a learning coach while teaching his/her content areas. This grants them the opportunity to get to know students on a personal level. Teachers work to identify the learning strategies that will best serve the student and ensure success. Teacher schedules vary from day to day. They provide both synchronous and asynchronous instruction using our web-based learning software. They communicate with students by telephone, email, and exchanges within our virtual office.


What Do Our Teachers Say About 21CCCS?

  • “I love the people I work with. I truly believe all the teachers here love working with kids, and I have seen the opposite in other places. I love that this school is built around teamwork, which is invaluable. 21CCCS can serve students who might not be successful in a traditional school. The teachers here make a real effort to ensure that all students learn the content of their classes.” – A 21CCCS Math Teacher
  • “It is here that I have found a passion for teaching, the ability to work one-on-one with students, and the ability to make connections with students outside of the classroom. This school strives to make the learning experience one that fits many schedules and many abilities. 21CCCS wants to make this the best school for the students, I think that is powerful! It has allowed me to explore and strengthen both my content area and my technological skills, and that is something that will stay with me forever.” – A 21CCCS Social Studies Teacher
  • “I love teaching at 21CCCS.  I am able to experience new technologies, be on the cutting edge of the educational world, and work closely with my colleagues to create the best school and educational experience that we can.  Above all of those amazing things, however, I love teaching at 21CCCS because of the students and families who make up our school community.  My years at 21CCCS have allowed me to establish close relationships with my students and get to know families who have had the strength of character to go against the grain and choose the educational environment that is best for their child.
    I love so many things about my job!  I love teaching English, of course, but I also love talking to my students, interacting with our families, and working with a staff that is dedicated to making our school a solid educational environment. What I love most about teaching at 21CCCS boils down to just a few things: my students, my students, my students.  Oh, and my students.” – A 21CCCS English Teacher
  • “This is my eighth year at 21CCCS and what keeps me coming back is the coaching and one-on-one aspect of working with students and their parents.  It is the big picture aspect of education that involves working with other teachers across the curriculum on a daily basis for the students.  I am also proud of the fact that 21CCCS has been able to continually excel as a school and be a place for students who choose us to be successful with their education.” – A 21CCCS Math Teacher